Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blissful Buds (Mellow Monk)

I'm back from my hiatus with another tea from Mellow Monk. I've tried their Crimson Grove and Top Leaf teas before and was greatly pleased, so my expectations are high for Blissful Buds. This is a mecha, a green made from rolled leaf buds, often served as an digestif in Japanese restaurants.

The leaves are small and dark, almost blue-green, with some light green strands of tips woven in. The aroma in the bag is vegetal with an edge of mown grass and cool shade.

The liquor is a slightly hazy pea-green with a bright, toasty aroma of green apples. The flavour is astringent, with a pleasant bitter edge, along with notes of dry grass and an aftertaste that brings back a bit of vegetal sweetness. The bitterness is a common feature of mechas, as they are meant to cleanse the palate, and Blissful Buds is a lovely example of this. It's a sunny and bright tea, but one that centres you.

Blissful Buds at Mellow Monk


  1. This is an interesting-looking tea among Japanese green seems to look superficially a lot more like some Chinese green teas.

    I have yet to try any mecha...but I hope to some time. It seems like the type of tea I'd enjoy a lot. It's pretty esoteric within the U.S.; I only have seen three companies offering it for sale, and they're all ones specializing in Japanese teas: Mellow Monk, Den's Tea, and ITO EN.

    1. It's the first time I've come across it as well, though I'm just getting my toes wet with Japanese tea at this point.