Monday, 14 November 2011

Golden Jubilee (Murchie's)

There's a bit of a history to this tea blend. As part of the rampant anglophilia out on the West Coast, Golden Jubilee was originally created in 1977 as the Royal Jubilee for the Queen's 25th Jubilee, and was renamed in 2002 for her 50th. It's a blend of Ceylon, Darjeeling, and Keemun, mostly tightly rolled with some golden tips mixed in.

First steeping has a dark auburn liquor with an aroma of floral malt. The Darjeeling muscles to the front, with lots of dark astringency, but there's a vague suggestion of floral Ceylon in there. There's a touch of pine and apricot in there, and the aftertaste smooths out the astringency.

The second steeping has a bit of a citrusy note in the malty aroma. It tastes a lot smoother, there's still the assertive malt and hay of the Darjeeling, but there's a bit more floral apricot and orchid in there from the Ceylon. I'm still trying to find the Keemun, there's not really any smokiness that would give it away.

This is a very robust tea, but not crudely so. It's quite drinkable, though it doesn't make my jaw drop. A perfectly pleasant breakfast tea.

Golden Jubilee at Murchie's

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